Jauja: 19-year-old dies after drinking alcohol for industrial use with friends

Jauja: 19-year-old dies after drinking alcohol for industrial use with friends

The consumption of adulterated beverages with methyl alcohol, for industrial use, has claimed its second fatality in the Yauyos district in Jauja. At dawn this Monday, residents of the 2 block of Jr. Tacna when they left their homes found a man lying on the public road. Believing that he had fallen asleep, they immediately requested help from the serenazgo agents, who, upon arriving at the scene, unfortunately confirmed that he no longer had vital signs.

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The victim was Brayan Manuel Mallqui Alanya (19), who was identified hours after his death by his mother amid dramatic scenes of pain.

According to the version of some witnesses, the young artisan who was engaged in the manufacture of tiles and bricks in the Cormis neighborhood, was seen the day before together with a group of people from bad living drinking adulterated alcohol of dubious origin, known as the “cane”.

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Two months ago, in similar circumstances, a father of a family died, who, overwhelmed by sorrows, toasted with this alcohol for industrial use, causing his death.

Residents of the place reported that in the place known as “Las Malvinas” people immersed in alcohol frequent due to the existence of bars and canteens where these types of drinks are sold clandestinely due to their prohibition and low cost.

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