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French team announces donation to NGOs in favor of human rights

Those summoned by Didier Deschamps They thus respond to social pressure in France, where the alleged human rights violations practiced in Qatar have been widely criticized. for the construction of the world championship facilities, as well as the usual discrimination against LGTBI groups.

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“In this turbulent context of this World Cup, we want, through this collective letter, to reinforce our commitment to respect for human rights and the rejection of all forms of discrimination,” the players led by Hugo said in an open letter. you cry.

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The internationals explained that this undetermined economic endowment will be made through the “Generation 2018” fund, created in the world cup of that year won by France and destined to finance humanitarian actions that interest the players.

This fund is also made up of the current 26 selected by Didier Deschamps and his technical team.

“We are all aware that football must assume responsibilities to care for respect for human rights and the environment. Each one of us has to assume our share of responsibility,” the letter closed.

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This announcement comes a day after Lloris said at a press conference on Monday that the French World Cup would carry out “an action” in favor of human rights in Qatar.

“We will do something for the next few days, even hours. I cannot answer now, we will keep you informed”, the Tottenham goalkeeper and world champion in 2018 limited himself to saying.

The entrance French team announces donation to NGOs in favor of human rights was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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