They investigate if Iván Márquez, head of dissidence, fell in Venezuela

‘Iván Márquez’ survived the attack, according to Segunda Marquetalia

FARC dissidence spokespersons Second Marquetalia assured that Luciano Marín, aka Ivan Marquez he survived the attack of which he was a victim, a fact revealed by the newspaper EL TIEMPO.

(See: Productive sector, victim of the Farc).

The communication of the Second Marquetalia was released, initially, by the magazine Change.

The spokespersons assure that the attack against ‘Iván Márquez’ occurred on June 30, “directed from the Army barracks and the Police commands (sic)“.

“Fortunately, (‘Márquez’) was unharmed. He only suffered minor injuries and is in good health. From his combat trench, the struggle of ideas for a new Colombia will continue,” they added.

They also said that the CIA and the DEA participated in the attack.

(See: The US officially removes the FARC from its list of terrorist groups).

We have no doubt that behind this terrorist act are the bloodhounds of the CIA, DEA and the Duque government. It is the same modus operandi that they used to assassinate paisa Oscar, Edilson Romaña, Gentil Duarte, and Jesús Santrist (sic), from different military garrisons and police commandos. Duque and his government not only destroyed the Havana agreements, they also dedicated themselves to exporting mercenaries to kill leaders in different parts of the world.“, they stated.

(See: Lights and shadows of the peace agreement, five years later).

Finally, they referred to government sectors and the media.

The Duque government has been one of the most nefarious and ineffective governments that have governed Colombia in recent times. More than 700 social leaders assassinated, more than 300 peace agreement signatories assassinated, repression of social protest and false positives returned. Its faithful allies, the media: Caracol Radio, Caracol TV, RCN Radio, RCN TV, EL TIEMPO, El Espectador and Semana“.


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