Iván Chanis on same-sex marriage: “We have no progress from the Government or the Court”

The lawyer Iván Chanis and president of the Fundación Iguales Panamá, referred this Tuesday to the approval of same-sex marriage in our country, asserting that there is no progress by the Government or the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ), “who are those who are called to respect, promote and enforce the human rights of people”.

He expressed that our own international policy is being diluted. “It is a very contradictory job that the Foreign Ministry says that Panama is the best, when internally we do not have the minimum political capacity to advance on essential issues,” she remarked.

Chanis also spoke about the Yes, I Accept campaign, stating that it seeks to educate that the importance of civil marriage lies in the fact that it is the institution we know and is designed to protect the family.

“The civil union is not an institution that carries all that level of protections; then, it would be precisely to perpetuate an existing discrimination to separate a group of people because I think it is not correct, ”he sentenced.

He added that the CSJ, which is technically the maximum resource that our justice system has, “refuses to give justice. Since 2016 they have a saved case, shelved.”

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