"It’s a government problem": Orsi’s criticism after Moreira’s departure from Vivienda

The mayor of Canelones and pre-candidate for the Presidency for the Broad Front (FA), Yamandú Orsi, blamed the government for the house it awarded Irene Moreira directly – without going through a lottery – to a member of the Cabildo Abierto (CA).

The candidate for the MPP said that this is not just a problem of the Ministry of Housing or the Cabildo Abierto.

“The problem It is not from the minister or from her political force (Cabildo Abierto), it is a government problem (…) Everything that happens is under the responsibility of the president,” Orsi said at a press conference reported by Telenoche (Channel 4).

Orsi added that, in his opinion, “the country’s real problems continue to go unaddressed”because “the energy is placed” on “how the shelf is held up”, in reference to the continuity of the government coalition.

“They have to take responsibility, they told the people that they were going to beat the Broad Front with a coalition that was going to give them stability, they have to take care of what was promised,” said the opposition leader.

until this friday The Minister of Housing assured in a press conference that her actions complied with the established procedures and that the mechanism for direct allocation of apartments was used on several occasions, also during the Broad Front governments.

Asked about it, Orsi said he was not aware that this has happened in leftist governments.

I don’t know that this would have happened, obviously measures would have been taken. If it had happened to the president, his hand should not have trembled,” he said.

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