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Iteño and Santaní open the ninth round with away wins

The Potter obtained valuable three points in his visit to the Emiliano Ghezzi stadium, where the Red from Lambareño exercised locality.

José Ríos, at 6 minutes, and Derlis González, at 55′, scored the goals for the tricolor victory. Guillermo Denis Beltrán, meanwhile, converted the transitory tie for the student team into a penalty (23′).

With this result, Sportivo Iteño takes a breather in the averages and ranks 12th with 9 points, the same points as its rival today.


– In PJC the visitor also won –

In the Río Parapití stadium, Deportivo Santaní also took some oxygen in the averages for the permanence by winning 2-1 against a Sportivo 2 de Mayo that did not find its way.

El Gallo Norteño, however, was the one who struck first with Francisco Parra’s goal against his own goal (10′). But José Valiente would be the key to Albinegro’s victory with a double (19 and 59 minutes) on the country’s terrace.

The victory allows the team led by Daniel Farrar to climb, with 9 points, to 10th place in the Intermediate. On May 2, meanwhile, he is still unable to win and occupies the last position in the championship (2 pts.).

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