Item by item: how much did the vaccination plan cost and all expenses for covid-19

There were US$448 million that went to health measures, US$293 million to social support measures, and US$412 million to economic and employment measures. The MEF released a report detailing the expenses incurred item by item.

Ministry of Economy

US$ 14.17 million were spent on “support for small and medium-sized enterprises”, and US$ 4.6 million on subsidies for “artists, authors and tour guides”.

US$ 25.6 million were also disbursed for the “work opportunity” program of solidarity wages through the municipalities. In addition, US$65,500 are computed in “rental subsidies”, US$380,000 in “production of diagnostic kits” and US$5,286 in “personal protection and others” at the border through the National Customs Directorate.

Ministry of Public Health

The vaccination plan incurred an expense of US$ 202.2 million including vaccines, personnel, supplies and logistics. US$ 85.5 million were spent on “diagnostic studies”, US$ 5.9 million on “respirators” and US$ 3.1 million on “medical supplies”.

Ministry of Social Development

Through Mides, US$ 106.2 million were allocated for the payment of the TuApp food card and US$ 8.7 million for “food and meals in shelters” through INDA. Added to this are US$4.9 million for the “contingent shelters” category, US$5.6 million for the Uruguay Works program, and US$17.3 million for “hotel rentals, shelters and food programs”. And in “operating supplies” US$ 283,044 were spent.


US$ 159,388 were spent on the Food Program, US$ 34,441 on “enumerators-vaccination campaign”, US$ 34,164 on “refrigerated equipment for vaccines” and US$ 19,725 on “vaccination tent rental”.

Ministry of Defence

For “repatriation and transfers” US$ 101,853 were allocated. Other expenses recorded are US$ 1.6 million in “diagnostic kit”, US$ 1.1 million in “disposable clothing”, US$ 575,562 in “hospital expenses”, US$ 86,718 in “masks” and US$ 34,480 in “ambulances”.

Ministry of Transport

The only expense is US$ 25.4 million and corresponds to the subsidy granted to public transport.

Ministry of Education and Culture

Through this ministry, US$ 165,316 were granted to “Pedeciba-ANII scholarships.

Ministry of Interior

Expenditure on food and operating supplies amounted to US$874,426, US$1 million in “hospital expenses” and US$43,000 in “ambulances”.


US$138.5 million were needed for “hospital expenses” and US$5.7 million for “diagnostic studies”.


There are computed US$ 41,374 in “operating inputs”.


There are registered “operating inputs” for an amount of US$ 1.3 million.


In Inisa, US$ 6,870 were allocated to “disposable clothing”.

Social Security Bank and DGI

The report shows that the unemployment benefit totaled US$79 million, and the sickness benefit US$73.5 million. Meanwhile, US$ 12.9 million correspond to “Mides mono-tribute subsidy” and US$ 182,753 to “other measures”.

On the other hand, an item of US$ 15.9 million was recorded for “ANEP spring basket” and US$ 133.4 million for “doubling of family allowances”.

And another US$ 176.1 million are computed as “loss due to low collection”, which in fact is not an expense. If this money is excluded, the expense of the fund amounted to US$ 976.4 million.

The Covid Fund for 2022

Arbeleche announced that this year the Coronavirus Fund will have US$ 400 million, which were not foreseen in the 2020 Rendering of Accounts.

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