Itaipu plans to restore forested areas of the binational

Itaipu plans to restore forested areas of the binational

Itaipu’s actions for the conservation of biodiversity, the benefits of ecosystem services and the promotion of sustainable businesses were some of the topics discussed during the panel “Biodiversity: two countries, one company” held within the framework of the Global Symposium on Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions, at the Entity’s Visitor Reception Center, in Hernandarias. The international event is organized by the Binational and Undesa.

The activity, which included the participation of representatives of organizations from various countries and the private sector, aimed to discuss the actions and strategies adopted by the binational for the preservation of the Alto Paraná Atlantic Forest (BAAPA) in accordance with the Objectives Sustainable Development (SDG).

During the activity, the Itaipu Preserve project was particularly highlighted, which contemplates the restoration of existing degraded areas in forests of the protection strip of the Binational reservoir, right bank, and whose purpose is to preserve a biodiversity corridor, as well as as well as collaborating with the floristic recomposition of BAAPA.

The invited panelists agreed on the importance of these actions of the Entity for the conservation of biodiversity and that it is necessary to promote successful cases and the benefits of the services.

Likewise, they highlighted the work with the municipalities and the development of sustainable businesses, in addition to providing added value to the products made within the biosphere reserves and the region, under sustainability standards.

Among other points, the possible synergies with other key actors to strengthen the Binational programs were analyzed.

The panel included the participation of biologist Silvia Saldívar (Itaipu Paraguay) and Luís César R. Silva (Brazil); Alberto Yanosky, director of the Interdisciplinary Structure for Socio-environmental Research; Regiane Borsato, Executive Director of the LIFE Institute; Cristóbal Giménez, from the Yerbatera FD of Paraguay; and Iván Carlos Baptiston, from the Yguazú National Park (Brazil).

Within the framework of the Global Symposium on Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions, which took place at the Itaipu Binational Visitor Reception Center (CRV), sessions are being held to address the interconnection of water and energy (strategic resources) with other fundamental aspects for sustainable development such as climate change, cross-border cooperation, social impact and economic effects.

In fact, in 2018, Itaipu and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (Undesa) founded the Global Network for Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions to mobilize and scale up multi-stakeholder action towards achieving the Goals of Sustainable Development (SDG). This first Global Symposium on Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions is the product of ongoing cooperation between these two entities.

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