It is time to focus on the work plans of the new government, they say

The vice president of the PLRA, Hugo Fleitas, said that the party was not only destroyed mentally, but also financially. He and the other members of the board request a face-to-face session.

A week after the defeat in the general electionsEfraín Alegre continues without accounting for campaign expenses and without calling a session, while the table representatives demand payment for the work carried out on Sunday the 30th.

“It is a difficult moment for us as a party institution. The party has to be rebuilt, it was not only destroyed mentally, but also financially”, reflected Hugo Fleitas, vice of the PLRA, in an interview with 1080 AM.

On the point, he commented that the owner Efraín Alegre He promised to call a session this week and that it was requested that it be face-to-face, in addition to requesting Alegre’s resignation.

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However, Fleitas considered that the priority is to “fix the house”, since finances are bad. “We need the reins of the party to be handled by other people and I think it is time for the president to step aside”he concluded.

ephraim Alegre did not admit any of his three defeats and he is currently on the bandwagon of Paraguayo Cubas, who talks about an alleged fraud, but does not present irregularities or evidence. In addition, the Liberal directory clarified that Alegre only speaks on his own behalf and not on behalf of the PLRA.

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