El presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). Foto: Televisa.

“It is not easy at all”, declares President Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Although President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has stated that he trusts Joe Biden to bring about a change in inter-American relations, he considered that reaching an agreement of this nature is complicated.

For the first time, AMLO recognized the difficulty in specifying these new times, and he did so after a video call he had yesterday with Senator Christopher J. Dodd, White House adviser for the IX Summit of the Americas.

“We have confidence and affection for President Biden and we want the proposal not to exclude anyone to be taken into account. It is time for a great turning point, to start a new stage in the relations of the countries of America. And it will be an example to the world, and [eso] Only President Biden can do it, and that is why I do not rule out the possibility that this agreement will be achieved. Of course it is not easy at all », he said this morning during his press conference at the National Palace.

He also said that he awaits Washington’s response to his proposal today or tomorrow, but he did not want to say whether it has changed its position of not attending the Summit in case the United States continues to insist on excluding Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

New Mexico-US talks on the Summit of the Americas

AMLO said that the conversation with Dodd was characterized by an atmosphere of respect, although the definitions for the eventual new order in the hemisphere are not simple.

“These are very complex issues, because they are changes in old policies, dating back more than two centuries and that were encouraged by the Cold War. But we have to relate to each other in a different way in America, in the world, put aside confrontation and war, and seek the friendship of the peoples and prevent our peoples from suffering due to the bad decisions of politicians.

López Obrador said the continental leaders are obliged to act responsibly, because sometimes the differences are due to totally inconsequential issues. “Politicians or created interest groups place them above everything else, they elevate them to the highest rank and it generally has to do with the ideological, with the dogmatic, with fanaticism.”

He said that yesterday, before Senator Dodd, he stated that today neither Cuba intends to invade the United States nor its neighbors to the north do so with Mexico, Cuba or Guatemala; Nor could Chile declare war on Bolivia due to differences in territorial limits.

«We cannot make any more mistakes such as not spending enough time and betting on dialogue and politics in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, look at the damage that is being caused to innocents by mishandling by the world’s political leadership. Let’s put a stop to this and let’s look for brotherhood relationships. Let’s bet on a world where fraternity and love prevail. What do we gain by fighting or saying I don’t like you because you don’t think like I think? Why discrimination, racism, classism? Are we going to continue in the discourse talking about the fact that we do not want racism, classism, that we do not want to discriminate against anyone, that we are free, that we are independent, sovereign, but in fact we demonstrate the opposite? », He argued.

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