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‘Isolate’ the Santa Cruz prison demands $50,000

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'Isolate' the Santa Cruz prison demands $50,000

May 20, 2024, 4:00 AM

May 20, 2024, 4:00 AM

Having at least eight inhibitors or ‘umbrellas’ strategically installed in key sectors in the Palmasola prison to cut off all access to calls and internet for inmates and prevent scams or other crimes, will require the State to invest at least $50,000.

The calculation corresponds to telecommunications expert Marco Zambrana who, in a contact with EL DEBER, explained that these ‘umbrellas’, depending on their power, have a coverage range to the frequency bands of the telephone lines that They will block so that the respective signal does not arrive. Four telephone companies operate in the country.

“Normally all companies have seven cellular bands and not all inhibitor blockers. When you go to jail you always find a sign and there shouldn’t be,” she said.

Of course, he explained that each advanced professional technological equipment with a special type of antenna It would cost between $us 4,500 to $us 5,500 to import it, taking into account the scarcity of the dollar and the transaction cost of money abroad.

Abroad, the price of this equipment ranges between $us1,000 to $us2,000.

Now, taking into account that eight inhibitors would be needed in Palmasola, the investment would total between 40,000 and 50,000 dollars.

Telecommunications specialist Marco Vázquez considered that the current inhibitors that are installed in the prison are obsolete or do not cover the blocking of all telephone bands, taking into account the size of the prison, so the replacement of these devices is imminent. . “If I have a house 300 meters from Palmasola and I send a Wi-Fi signal to someone inside there, they will have access to the internet and all social networks. Obviously, you have to have the equipment and be in a clear place. It can be an advantage if you have the Wi-Fi key or if they have an accomplice outside,” he warned.

However, he stressed that all this commitment has to be carried out after a technical study.

“With a map of the prison you can have a fairly approximate theoretical study. The simplest thing is to bring the inhibitors and do the real test in the field, because the theoretical can sometimes differ. Try to make connections in all bands with cellular equipment from all companies, and there are zoned bands,” specified the telecommunications specialist.

The expert highlighted that a complete inhibitor that covers all bands, meeting the specifications, would cut off the included Wi-Fi signals that they could have in the prison.

Do not interfere in homes

Marco Vásquez reported that this technical study will allow us to detect which areas cannot be affected by the installation of the ‘umbrellas’.

“With directive antennas, panels that do not radiate unidirectionally and also strategically installing inhibitors so that the signal is directed at the Palmasola perimeter. It is not just buying and placing it,” she stressed.

The Deputy Minister of the Interior Regime, Jhonny Aguilera, admitted that in the area of ​​the Refinery and Santos Dumont, residents had signal problems with the installation of this equipment.

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