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Boca comes back and Tevez leaves through the back door

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Boca comes back and Tevez leaves through the back door

Equi Fernández was impressive with his management of the midfield, with verticality and with a couple of goals included, enough for Lionel Scaloni to take Javier Mascherano out of the Olympic Games to take him to the Copa América, enough for Europe to look at him with attention… Miguel Merentiel turned out to be unstoppable, with various definitions, feinting and evading the goalkeeper and then pushing her; hooking and nailing it against a stick with a shot from the outside. As for Marcelo Bielsa to summon him to the Uruguayan team…

With one and another, hand in hand with Equi and Merentiel, Mouth built a very good comeback in Santiago del Estero and turned around Córdoba Central to draw a 4-2 and capture their first three points in the Argentine league.

Boca suffers many injuries to defenders. That is why he improvised the formation of the last line. And he seemed to feel it, so much so that he went into halftime trailing by two goals. Central Córdoba enjoyed the goals from Rodrigo Atencio and Mateo Sanabria, two timely bombs, one at the start and another at the close of the first half.

Ezequiel ‘Equi’ Fernández celebrates his goal against Central Córdoba

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Boca did not deserve such punishment. She had created several clear chances to tie. We had to see how she came out in the second half. And he came out in the best way. To search playing convinced. With the leadership of Equi Fernández. With the spice of Merentiel.

Equi scored with a touch to a corner after a nice pass from Kevin Zenón. He hit his Merentiel double to bring the count to three. And in the last breath, Fernández again reached goal position and secured the victory. Boca covered the weaknesses behind with football and goals. He earned that joy at the end.

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It all happened on a Sunday where a xeneize idol, Carlos Tevez, said goodbye as coach of Independiente with a mediocre 0-0 against Platense. Apache arrived at the club and saved it from relegation, adding many points. It has an efficiency of 56.25%, the result of 14 wins, 12 draws and 6 losses. The numbers sound positive. The problem is that the team played several games that were a shadow and almost didn’t win (2 wins in the last 10 games). And suddenly Carlitos decided not to continue for reasons that are still unclear. His departure was already known for a couple of days, it was made official on Saturday night and the goodbye was made official yesterday. El Rojo is once again full of doubts.

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