Isabella Santiago was eliminated from MasterChef: Some could not hide their joy

Isabella Santiago was eliminated from MasterChef: Some could not hide their joy

After the juries of Master Chef Celebrity declare that Isabella Santiago left the competitioneveryone on set was amazed.

Chef Rausch explained that although Isabella made a dish to match, but his fault was that the cake was hard.

“I worked so hard to be here and I can’t believe this,” the actress said.

For your part Estiwar G although he was surprisedcelebrated that his friend Tatán Mejía had stayed in the competition.

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“With you I would go to war any day, really what a spectacle of a person,” said Nicolás de Zubiría.

The actress I couldn’t believe the decision the judges had made, Well, she felt very satisfied with the cake she had prepared, however, a small mistake cost her her stay on the program.

For her part, the presenter Claudia Bahamón wanted to send a message to Isabella Santiago’s detractors, assuring that she is a great person.

“Are a competitor who does not go over anyone to achieve your goal, if they knew that heart and that desire to reach your goal, they would surely change their minds”, Claudia Bahamón.

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In the midst of tears, Isabella Santiago was shocked and moved her companions.

“It hurts me because I knew the projects I had on a personal level, if she won the award,” said Cristina Campuzano.

The celebrities agreed that the actress’s level of cooking was very good and even helped everyone grow in the competition and the level of each one grew.

In the midst of her astonishment, Isabella Santiago could not answer Claudia Bahamón’s responses, so the presenter consoled her with an emotional hug.

The dramatic farewell of the actress reminded Ramiro of the departure of María T, who was also stunned at the time of saying goodbye.

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