Is it mandatory to wear a face mask on beaches and magical towns due to covid-19?

Is it mandatory to wear a face mask on beaches and magical towns due to covid-19?

The most recent statement on the use of face masks was made by the Undersecretary for Health Promotion and Prevention, Hugo López-Gatell, who assured that in Mexico no obligations were established for the control of the epidemic, but rather recommendations were issued, among them the use of face masks.

“In Mexico we have never established obligations for the individual, we have never established the mask for mandatory use,” he assured at a morning press conference in which he pointed out that they never considered a viable “restriction model” for the country since Mexicans are responsible.

However, the use of face masks was determined as mandatory in most of the countryand when there was an economic reactivation, the use of this was mandatory on the beaches and magical towns, according to the Health Secretariats of each state.

The Sectur established in the “National Guidelines for the Reopening of the Tourism Sector” published in July 2020 that the use of face masks is mandatory in Recreation Centers (includes theme parks, spas and water parks -including lifeguard services-, golf courses , spa, hot air balloon flight, camping, among others).

“Users will be evaluated and asked to use antibacterial gel based on at least 60% alcohol for hands and must wear a face mask at all times,” details the document published in July 2020.

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