Irma Eréndira: Morena is kidnapped;  Ackerman: Let's not let it be another PRI

Irma Eréndira: Morena is kidnapped; Ackerman: Let’s not let it be another PRI

The member of the UNAM Legal Research Institute assured that the leaders of Morena use the party to accumulate money for partners and relatives.

“In two years, our leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador will retire from public life. He already said it, he warned it. Some ambitious vulgar already long for the moment, they rub their hands with all the money and power they dream of using the name of López Obrador while betraying his principles, ”he said before morenistas at the Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City .

“They seek charges and are willing to do anything. They are the ones who have brought to the movement the old practices, the buying of the vote, the sale of the candidacies and the conditioning of the programs. We cannot allow them to rob us of hope. Morena cannot become another state party, another PRI. We cannot remain silent in the face of a historic heist that violates our fundamental principles,” he added. His words were applauded.

The politician said that signatures would be gathered at the Morenista event to request the absolute annulment of the internal process that took place in July.

For her part, Irma Eréndira, who was part of the cabinet of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, stated that the political parties in neoliberalism “mixed money, power and crime. That is why our people demanded a change, popular and profoundly democratic. You already know that story. Unfortunately, the efforts and the battles have not fulfilled the long-awaited dream of a democratic and anti-neoliberal party”.

“Our movement has already been captured, kidnapped, held hostage by a clique, by political exploiters, by simulators who were never voted for. Today we need a process of greater democratization, of empowerment of the bases, to modify the neoliberal logic, the logic of defrauding the popular will”, he indicated.

The former Secretary of Public Function said they are happy and honored to reject the old ways.

“Those of us who reject the humiliations and impositions of PRI, PRD, PAN, all kinds of political liars are here. Here we are the critics. We reject the finger, machismo, classism, old stale practices. We are gathered together to move forward and defeat anti-democracy,” he said.

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