#InvitedColumn |  Legalize illegality via "National security"

#InvitedColumn | Legalize illegality via "National security"

All this string of unconstitutionality and illegality was achieved through a two-page agreement and using three wildcard concepts that we all better begin to recognize and question: “public interest”, “national security” and “national development.”

After reading the AGREEMENT that instructs the agencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration to carry out the actions indicated, in relation to the projects and works of the Government of Mexico considered of public interest and national security, as well as priority and strategic for the national development, published in the evening version of the Official Gazette of the Federation on Monday, November 22, 2021, the recent statements of the Secretary of National Defense make sense, urging all Mexicans to join the “nation project that is underway.” . And why not? If the Army is the great beneficiary of this illegal exception regime in which all projects and works lacking permits, licenses, studies or evaluations have to be “pre” authorized within a maximum period of 5 days.

As if this were not enough, as the army is incorruptible – the president has also decreed it on other occasions – we will no longer have to worry about how public resources are used, how much and how it is spent, who is subcontracted to, how contracts are awarded and the quality of the materials that are purchased, among many other things that from now on will be information protected by “national security” and therefore reserved. Do we need more evidence that the president doesn’t care about transparency?

And it is clear that it does not care about the prevention and fight against corruption. I am going to stop saying that the president does not understand those concepts – a theory that I have defended many times. The president understands them perfectly, so well that yesterday he decided to eliminate “in one accord” all the locks that the laws put on the execution of public works. He knows perfectly well that this is one of the great areas of corruption of his administration (and of all the previous ones), and even so he decided to eliminate for him and his interests all the processes that hinder him, but that are there to guarantee that the works do not affect or affect at least the rights of third parties, the environment, communications, roads and the lives of citizens. In what sense can this be beneficial for national development?

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