#InvitedColumn |  Elections 2022: an opposition without fury

#InvitedColumn | Elections 2022: an opposition without fury

The national leader of the main opposition party, Marko Cortés, clearly saw this in an act in Aguascalientes: “I tell you at home, the only government that we have a chance of winning, real, authentic and well won is this one. There’s no more. Durango, Tamaulipas, Quintana Roo, Hidalgo and Oaxaca are very complicated, what can I tell you ”.

But even in that state the difficulties for the PAN are notable. Governor Martín Orozco accused his co-religionist Marko Cortés of affirming that National Action has no chance of winning in 2024, that there is nothing more than promoting three governors as presidential candidates and “see what can be rescued.”

Just 20 days after the previous confession, a fleeting visit to Aguascalientes brought López Obrador a rapprochement with Governor Orozco and even the gain of a federal deputy: Roberto Valenzuela Corral went from PAN to Morena.

While in Morena there are 156 candidates for six gubernatorial candidacies – perhaps because the triumph results are predictable and therefore the candidacies are highly ambitious – the opposition thinks in 2024 and hopes that it will give it time to be able to face it with dignity to the power not so much of Morena, but of López Obrador.

There are four types of states that are disputed in 2022. In Hidalgo the PRI has never lost the governorship in all its history. On the other hand, Aguascalientes is the entity with the most alternations of the six that are at stake: three, alternating between the PAN and the PRI. Oaxaca accumulates two alternations: the PRI gave the governorship only for one six-year term to a candidate nominated by what is now the Citizen Movement.

Durango, Tamaulipas and Quintana Roo, on the other hand, are states with a late alternation, only recently, where the PAN had managed to take over the governorship. In 2022, most likely, they will experience a second alternation, led this time by a Morena candidate.

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