#InvitedColumn |  AMLO and the messages with the departure of Santiago Nieto

#InvitedColumn | AMLO and the messages with the departure of Santiago Nieto

1.- “It’s the money, stupid”: AMLO did not react to a sumptuous wedding. He knew that Santiago Nieto was getting married in Antigua, Guatemala, and had been invited, he said. Instead, the $ 35,000 confiscated from the director’s plane The universal, Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz, represented a double affront. On the one hand, although the money was declared when leaving Mexico, its confiscation on the way to the wedding of the head of the FIU makes the government look bad. On the other hand, the president considers Mr. Ealy Ortiz a component of the neoliberal system that he criticizes every morning. That Nieto had invited Ealy was already controversial, but that for his money and his private plane he questioned the sincerity of the government in the fight against past abuses and corruption, was unforgivable.

That is what Santiago Nieto refers to when he writes about “… criticism derived from acts of third parties related to a personal and transparent event …”. It wasn’t the wedding but Ealy and her money.

2.- Unnecessary noise: the president will have a good international week with his visit to the UN and possibly his first trilateral meeting with Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau in Washington the week of Nov. 15. Ending the Guatemala scandal allows us to control the moment and take advantage of the successes of these days.

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