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Invima is left without a director, amid shortage of medicines

Invima is left without a director, amid shortage of medicines

Francisco Rossidirector of Invima that had been 8 months, He leaves his position in the midst of the debate that has been generated in the country due to the shortage of medicines in Colombia.

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Although it is true that there is no direct relationship between the shortage and the departure of Rossi, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Carolina Corcho, had mentioned in a forum organized by Andi last week, that “was advancing a restructuring in Invima”.

To which is added that the Attorney General’s Office opened a preliminary inquiry against officials of the Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Surveillance Institute (Invima) for the alleged omission of measures against possible shortages in the country.

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Some of those medicines that have reported shortages since August 2022, according to the EPSs union Acemiare associated with the diseases that Colombians present the most, such as cancer and diabetes.

And it is that this entity is in charge of executing the policies formulated by the ministry to inspect, monitor and control the quality of medicines, biological products, etc. In the development of this function, as warned by the National Federation of Merchants (phenalco), was presenting delays.

To which is added that Rossi had blamed the EPS for the shortage.

Mariela Pardo Corredor, will be the one in charge of Invima after the departure of Francisco Rossi.


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