GOP leaders concerned with partisan divide over Trump’s disagreement with DeSantis

If the former president donald trump is finally prosecuted, the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis He will have no choice but to sign the extradition order to New York. You cannot oppose. Is the law.

The scenario would aggravate the division within the Republican Party, for which its leaders are very concerned, largely because Trump has recently criticized the governor very strongly, who is seen as a rival to him in the party’s next presidential primaries.

One of those leaders is from Senator Lindsey Graham, who told foxnews this Tuesday that he is not comfortable with the attacks.

Trump, who has been calling the governor of Florida “Ron DeSanctimonious,” immediately responded with a screenshot spreading the unsubstantiated rumor that he drank with underage girls when he was a high school teacher.

Graham has always been a supporter of the ex-president, but he has been expressing his concern for days about the sharpening of the rivalry between the two, in part because it also separates the rural class that supports Trump and the urban political class that follows the governor.

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DeSantis said Monday that he is not comfortable with Trump being arrested and charged for paying illegal money to Stormy Daniels, a former star in the pornographic industry. But he launched it against the federal prosecutor of New York, the African-American Alvin Bragg.

“The Manhattan district attorney is Soros-funded, so he, like other Soros-funded prosecutors, rigs his office to push a political agenda on society at the expense of the rule of law and public safety,” DeSantis said, referring to to the Hungarian-American billionaire, a patron of progressive causes often criticized by supporters of right-wing causes.

“I don’t know what it takes to pay a porn star money to ensure silence about some kind of alleged affair, I just can’t talk about it,” the governor said, implying he wanted no connection to the issue. But the truth is that he will legally have to sign the extradition from Florida to New York, if Trump is finally charged.

Aside from Vice President Mike Pence and DeSantis, most of the major Republican presidential candidates, declared and potential, have remained silent on the issue.

At least one potential contender, former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, has said Trump should drop out of the race if he is impeached in Manhattan.

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