Invima approves use of Zivifax anticovid vaccine

Invima approves use of Zivifax anticovid vaccine

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance, Invite, granted the authorization of Emergency Use, ASUE, of the new vaccine against covid-19 known as Zifivax, of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products.

In accordance with resolution No. 2022002030 of January 21, 2022, Invima authorized the company Procol to import the injectable and its use will be for one year.
Now, the complete scheme of this vaccine consists of three doses, each one at an interval of one month and is recommended in people over 18 years of age, although Invima emphasized that the clinical trials included a “reduced number of older patients 60 years old”, therefore he urged the pharmaceutical company to update its information.

Regarding its effectiveness, the vaccine was subjected to a clinical study of 28,500 volunteers, who, 7 days after the application of the three doses, showed that the drug had an efficacy close to 81.76% in preventing severity in the disease by covid-19. Its possible adverse effects are: fever, headache, infection of the upper respiratory tract, cough, diarrhea and muscle pain.

What’s more It is contraindicated for people who are allergic to the ingredients of the biological, patients who suffer from chronic and serious illnesses, pregnant women, and those with epilepsy uncontrolled or progressive neurological disorders.

It should be noted that this biological has not been authorized, neither for emergency use, by the World Health Organization, nor by the European Medicines Agency, EMA, or the United States Food and Drug Administration, FDA.

The Invima recommends observe the patient for 30 minutes after your vaccination.


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