Investigate with imprescriptibility, however, do not stigmatize the Jesuit institution

Investigate with imprescriptibility, however, do not stigmatize the Jesuit institution

June 3, 2023, 4:00 AM

June 3, 2023, 4:00 AM

The arduous, systematic and tireless daily work without pause; the strength of faith subject to all possible vicissitudes for five centuries, with exceptional members in the difficult work of study and meditation; the refined cultivation of intelligence, solidarity with others and the constant approach to the peoples, constitutionally lead to the erection of a respected and reliable Jesuit institution, whose record is not immaculate, due to the action of some members dominated by sexual neurosis.

In the course of the existence of the world, there is no institution of faith, military or police, educational, government or private, that can affirm the non-existence, among its members, of some various that undermined the constitutive principles of the institution, loyalty and the obligations of spiritual influence and the awe of the position that, precisely, attracted them to belong to or apply to the institution.

Facing conflicts in an institution does not mean neurosis, in a or another time, the desires, interests, convictions they collide with those around us; So inner conflicts They are parts of life.

The acts of an animal are determined by instinct, such as mating, defense of the young, search for food in the face of danger, and they are more or less prescribed. By contrast, the prerogative and the load of human beings is their ability to choose and make decisions.

In order not to fall into the abyss of neurosis pedophiles and sexual offenders, we should know how to respond to these fourfold conditions: Do we really want to be priests, lawyers, doctors or good citizens, or just we consider such professions and status as profitable and respectable? do we wish really that our children be happy And the children of the others, or do we only pay lip service? Are we really sad about the death of a father or a mother, or do we pretend sadness? Do we accept the consequences of our decisions?

Making a decision, such as to embrace the priesthood, another profession or the condition of citizen, presupposes the will and ability to take responsibility implicit; there is a risk of being wrong, however, the prevalence of accepting prevails the consequences without blaming others for it, turning unsurpassed frustrations in innocent beings.

When it is not balanced with instinct and internal questions, neurosis arises as a basic conflict and, in sexual offenders, it lies between the instincts, with their blindness. appetite for satisfaction and the environment that coerces which is family and society, becoming the superego as Freud claimed. Also the argument of let the opposition enter primitive egocentric tendencies (childhood) and consciousness is the basic font of conflicts, does not explain the existing divisions within the sexual neurotic and inexorably leads to a disastrous end that ruins the life of the person and innocent people with which it is related taking advantage of their hierarchy.

the jesuit institution it is irreproachable in its noble objectives of solidarity, transmission of education and apprehension of wisdom to get closer to God for five centuries, despite these elevated principles, like any institution, whatever its essence or quiddity, is vulnerable to members without faith, entered only to obtain security of survival, without firm convictions less a monolithic and indestructible morality; therefore, the institution should not be stigmatized.

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