Investigate small boat detained for illegal fishing

The authorities of Prefecture began the investigation into the Chinese-flagged fishing vessel “Lu Rong Yuan Yu 606”, which on Monday the Uruguayan authorities detained, after a persecution, for illegally fishing in national waters.

On board the boat were 28 crew members, half Chinese and half Indonesian. These people must testify before the authorities within the next few hours.

According to sources from the Prosecutor’s Office, official Silvia Naupp said that so far no criminal action has been taken in the case. The prosecutor explained that in the case of illegal fishing, the investigations are of an administrative nature and depend on the National Directorate of Aquatic Resources. However, he warned that if another type of crime is detected, the Prosecutor’s Office could intervene there.

According to the aforementioned sources, 11 tons of squid were found inside the ship. However, the authorities are working to determine the origin of the animal to find out if it was actually fished in Uruguayan waters or if, on the contrary, they did so in international waters.

the interception

Uruguayan authorities detected the vessel during an aerial patrol. The Navy immediately found that she was fishing along with another boat about 280 kilometers from Punta del Este. After the pursuit and arrest unfolded, the boat arrived in Montevideo on Tuesday, where Defense Minister Javier García received it.

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