Williams Medrano es Coach de Vida y Finanzas, teólogo, abogado, MA Finanzas, PHD en dirección financiera y riesgos bancarios.

Finance expert Williams Medrano put into circulation the work ‘Heirs of Success’

SANTO DOMINGO, DR. – The renowned coach, businessman and speaker Williams Medrano, released his most recent book “Heirs of Success”.

The event was attended by prominent personalities including Belarminio Ramírez, political scientist, teacher and lecturer; Bishop Elvis Samuel Medina, president of the El Galardón awards; the executive director of the publisher Santuario, Isael Páez; the coach and communicator Mariano Abreu.

Also the international fashion designer Martin Polanco; the director of Dominicana transforms Franklin Limardo; the president of the Confederation of Hispanic Communicators Johanni Reyes, among other important personalities from the country’s political, social and Christian spheres.

Medrano said he wrote the book on divine initiative, stating that God inspired him to share the principles that helped him succeed in the business world.

For this reason, he maintained, he has compiled a practical guide that will help those people who mistakenly think that success is a matter of luck. or by chance.

«I want to teach them that success is built on vision, sacrifices and a lot of discipline. I expose my life in this work, which is not only narrative, but also didactic and even novelistic », she affirmed.

The work is aimed at the general public, with a clear and forceful message: it ensures that it is possible to grow up healthy, prosper and be happy, even in the face of denied opportunities and in the midst of a dysfunctional family.

Based on his own experience, the author emphasizes that even in the face of adverse circumstances, people cannot deny themselves the opportunity to be successful, conquer mountains and take down giants.

“There are no impossible for those who believe! I wish to raise a generation of conquerors and dreamers who can inherit success.”

The official presentation of the book was held at Librería Cuesta, in its Pedro Mir Events room, located in the city of Santo Domingo. The work had been published in the United States, last May, within the framework of Expolit 2022.

about the author

Williams Medrano is a Life and Finance Coach, theologian, lawyer, MA Finance, PHD in financial management and banking risks.

Graduated from national universities and specialties in countries like the United States. Spain, Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador.

In addition, he is a financial entrepreneur, commercial farmer. He has served the Dominican state since 2004 in different areas as Economic Advisor to the Presidency (Executive Power), founder of several Solidarity Economy institutions, Vice Minister of Industry and Commerce (PROINDUSTRIA) and founding president of the Momentum financial training school.

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