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Invasion of smuggled chickens: exchange rate difference with Argentina is big

The illegal merchandise was provisionally deposited at the Eastern Naval Area Base (ANE) for the proceedings prior to making it available to the Public Ministry.

The personnel of the Naval Detachment, during a patrol, also seized the boat that was transporting the contraband products.

The chicken meat was packed in 80 boxes, totaling 1,000 kilos.

Special Unit 3 for the Fight against Smuggling and Money Laundering, headed by prosecutor Fernando Galeano, was informed of the episode. This ordered that the seized goods be finally delivered to the customs authorities.

The massive influx of smuggled chickens from Argentina is attributed to the large exchange rate difference between the two countries.

In calculations “by eye” of merchants, the prices of edible products between our country and our neighbors to the south, can be up to five times less, on the other side of the border.

Products such as dule bread, wines, beers and a long list of merchandise widely used at New Year’s Eve parties enjoy the same difference in exchange rates.

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The entrance Invasion of smuggled chickens: exchange rate difference with Argentina is big was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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