Helicopters would enter Machu Picchu Pueblo to rescue stranded tourists (PHOTOS)

Helicopters would enter Machu Picchu Pueblo to rescue stranded tourists (PHOTOS)

More than 800 tourists were stranded in Machu Picchu Pueblo after the outbreak of the social conflict in Cusco and at a national level, which blocked the main communication routes, including the Cusco – Machu Picchu railway, the only means of communication to move places and tourists to the world wonder.

In this understanding, hundreds of visitors remain in Machu Picchu Pueblo waiting for the situation to improve and to be able to return to Cusco, from where the nationals will return to their regions of origin. and the foreigners will head towards Lima and then to their countries.

Let us remember that the operations of the trains on the route Cusco – Ollantaytambo – Machu Picchu, and vice versa, stopped the previous Monday, leaving many tourists helpless, part of which had to leave Machu Picchu on foot, on a walk to the town of Ollantaytambo.

“Five hundred tourists managed to get out by their own means, 300 stayed here (Machu Picchu) especially those who suffer from health, older adults and children, for them we ask for these humanitarian flights, these people are suffering, there is almost no food and their condition is caring”, pointed to Mail the mayor of Machu Picchu, Darwin Baca.

Helicopters would enter Machu Picchu Pueblo to rescue stranded tourists (PHOTOS)

The mayor also pointed out that actions have already been coordinated with the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism and Ministry of Culture, In order to have these aircraft to help stranded visitors, the authority expects this help to materialize no later than Saturday.


Because Machu Picchu Pueblo is located in the jungle of Cusco, no other means of transport, other than the train, reaches the place, That is why, as the days went by, food and all kinds of supplies were running out, because replenishments for markets, supply centers, and restaurants did not arrive due to the blockade.

“There are more than six thousand people who no longer have basic necessities, this is totally worrying, there is no more to eat, we are concerned about children, the elderly, pregnant women, we must help them urgently and only humanitarian helicopter flights would help us”, Darwin Baca said.

Helicopters would enter Machu Picchu Pueblo to rescue stranded tourists (PHOTOS)

It was learned that the demonstrators, in addition to blocking the railway line with logs and large rocks, They have also raised parts of the rail and sleepers at different points, or they have burned part of the railway infrastructure, which would complicate the resumption of train service.

At the moment there is a tense calm in Cusco, where traffic in the city is gradually normalizing and the absence of pickets of protesters is noticeable, however, in the provinces the main roads remain closed with mounds of earth and rocks.


– It was learned that Luis Helguero and Óscar Vera, owners of Mincetur and Minem respectively, are moving to Cusco to guarantee the humanitarian pass for tourists stranded at Machu Picchu and at the Alejandro Velasco airport in Cusco.

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