Inumet issued an orange and a yellow alert for rain and storms

The Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) issued this Sunday a orange and another yellow alert due to persistent rains and storms for the north of the country.

It is forecast that in Artigas, Rivera, Salto and Tacuarembo, departments under orange alert, storms are generated, some punctually strong. These will be due to an atmospheric disturbance associated with a humid and unstable air mass that is affecting the country.

It is expected that in the areas where the storms are generated, intense rains will be recorded in short periods, as well as hail, intense electrical activity and strong gusts of wind.

In Artigas: Artigas, Baltasar Brum, Bella Unión, Bernabé Rivera, Cainsa, Coronado, Diego Lamas, Franquia, Javier de Viana, Mones Quintela, Paso Campamento, Iron Gates and Campodónico, Santa Rosa del Cuareim, Sequeira, Tomás Gomensoro and Topador .

In River: Amarillo, Cerro Pelado, Cerros de la Calera, La Puente, Lagos del Norte, Masoller, Minas de Corrales, Paso Ataques, Rivera and Tranqueras.

In Salto: Cayetano, Fernández, Migliaro, Quintana and Sarandí de Arapey.

In Tacuarembó: Arerungua, Balneario Iporá, La Pedrera, Paso Bonilla, Paso del Cerro, Pueblo de Arriba, Tacuarembó and Tambores.

yellow alert

On the other hand, a yellow alert by strong storms, heavy rains, occasional hail, intense electrical activity and strong gusts of wind for other towns in Artigas, Paysandú, Rivera, Salto and Tacuarembó.

In Artigas: Colonia Palma.

In Paysandú: Beisso and Merinos.

In Rivera: Arroyo Blanco, Cerrillada, Las Flores, Moirones, Paso Hospital and Vichadero.

In Salto: Arapey, Belén, Biassini, Cerro de Vera, Colonia Itapebí, Itapebí, Puntas de Valentín, Rincón de Valentín, Saucedo and Termas del Arapey.

In Tacuarembó: Achar, Ansina, Caraguata, Cerro Chato, Clara, Cuchilla de Peralta, Curtina, La Hilera, Las Toscas, Piedra Sola, Pueblo de Barro and Punta de Carretera.

The alert will be updated at 1:30 p.m. or in case of significant changes, the institute reported.

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