Inumet expects a second heat wave for next week

The Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) foresees the second heat wave of the summer for the following week. The increase in temperature and thermal sensation will be gradual and sustained as of this Saturday. Between Tuesday the 11th and Friday the 14th, the heat wave barrier will be overcome in the west and central-south coast.

Low cloud conditions, low relative humidity and high UV index increase the risk of forest firesthe institute announced.

Inumet’s Extended Forecast Provides highs of 38 ° to 40 ° between Wednesday the 12th and Thursday the 13th, and minimums of 18 °, with no chance of rain.

The last heat wave affected the north of the country with minimums of 20 ° / 21 ° and maximums of 34 ° / 35 °. The high temperatures ceased with the rains on January 1 that turned into heavy rainfall.

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