INTT advances with the automation of more than 2,500 ROTC procedures

The National Institute of Land Transportation (INTT) continues to advance in the automation of procedures and to date has processed 2,511 procedures of the Cargo Operators Registry (ROTC) online through the portal WWW.INTT.GOB.VEwithout going in person to the offices of the Entity.

In five months, the INTT has processed 1,525 automated ROTC renewals, which has been available on the web portal since December 10, 2021. Similarly, the entity has processed 986 procedures for the first time, since its automation carried out on February 10. till the date.

Each ROTC document is sent to the applicant’s email and has high levels of security, such as: Electronic Signature of the INTT President, duly certified by the Certification Services Provider (PROCERT), Digital Seal of the INTT Presidency and the vectorized signature of the INTT president.

Likewise, each document has the QR Code incorporated, unique and unrepeatable for each procedure, which can be scanned through the INTT application, which is downloaded free of charge from the page WWW.INTT.GOB.VEand that shows the pertinent information according to each procedure, refers to a press release from the Institute.


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