International transfers: a key element for your export

International transfers: a key element for your export

Make international transfers an ally for your foreign trade operations

Now that you know more about the importance and impact it can have on your working capital, we share with you 6 recommendations to choose an international transfer service for your company:

– Check the cost per transfer and reception.

– Some banks may charge up to $40 USD per international transfer in dollars or generate additional costs. Compare and choose the best option.

– Evaluate if the service they offer you has a validation system or some type of assistance that helps you mitigate errors in your operation.

– If the payment you need to make is urgent, check if your bank gives you the option of send payments the same day and what is the schedule to be able to do them.

– It is important to have a support institution for sending the currency of the origin account, in order to minimize losses from possible arbitrary exchange rates when receiving money. Make sure that this financial institution has correspondents as intermediaries, so that the cost of these is lower if they are used.

– Look for an option that makes your daily operation simpler and more efficient. Either in the capture of recipients, such as being able to export them from a file or, that allows you to do massive dispersion of payments. Time is key when it comes to international operations.

– Have a digital account like the one offered BASE bench It will allow you to operate in different currencies and manage international payments from a single layout and with savings of up to 80% on your operations in dollars.

In BASE bench We know the challenges of operating internationally, that is why we offer a complete portfolio of solutions and personalized attention to accompany you in your decisions and ensure that your payments reach their destination quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost. contact us and allow one of our advisers to introduce you to the solutions in international transfers what we have for your company.

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