International PEN denounces the incessant “persecution in Nicaragua”

The “Critical Eye” observatory of the International PEN organization denounced that in Nicaragua “the repression does not stop.” In the count of the main acts against citizens include the harassment and persecution against journalists, opponents and the Catholic Church.

The first case they address is the exile of journalist Elba Ileana Molina, correspondent for Channel 10 in Carazo. The summary indicates that she left the country after receiving threats from activists linked to the government.

«In November 2021, the reporter’s house was marked with the words “You are watched” and the acronym FSLN and PLOMO (death), as Molina denounced at the time through the social media», highlights PEN.

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The summary includes the persecution of the Ortega and Murillo regime unleashed against Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, the priest Harving Padilla from Masaya, Father Uriel Vallejos, from Sébaco; and the closure of the Nicaraguan Catholic Canal.

“At Álvarez’s complaint, added this week those of other Catholic priests. Father Harving Padilla, pastor of a church in Masaya, close to the capital, also denounced that the police are constantly monitoring him, while the pastor Uriel Vallejos, from the northern town of Sébaco, said he was being “harassed”, highlights PEN .

“In addition, through the state institute of Telecommunications and Post Office (Telcor), the government ordered the telephone company Claro to eliminate channel 51 or Canal Católico, owned by the Church, from its programming, after which the television station was immediately taken off the air. “, Add.

Another case mentioned in the report is the closure of Radio Católica de Bluefields, which announced the suspension of its broadcasts. due to the complex economic and subsistence conditions for independent media in Nicaragua, coupled with the constant siege by the authorities.

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