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Intec: “From the State we receive good will and affection”

Santo Domingo.- The rector of the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (Intec), Julio Sánchez Mariñez, stated this Wednesday that in its 50 years of existence, the entity has achieved a lot with the little it has, obtaining support from the private sector and in some cases, he said, from the government sector.

“From the State we receive good will and affection, we receive less than a million pesos in monthly subsidies… it has been frozen since the beginning of this century, what we ask of the State is to carry out joint projects,” said Sánchez Mariñez, during the Weekly Group Lunch Corripio Communications.

He indicated that about 25 million pesos that are invested annually in scholarships come from Intec’s finances and “from some scholarship sponsors.”

Sánchez Mariñez from Intec, specified that, despite what many consider, the entity he directs is not a
Julio Sánchez Mariñez, rector of the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (Intec). /By: Jorge González

Sánchez Mariñez specified that, despite what many consider, the entity he directs is not a “socioeconomic elite”, but they do require minimum conditions from the student for admission.

“What I would like to defend is that yes, we do set entry requirements, because we understand that if you do not meet the entry requirements, the potential for you not to advance and get frustrated is much greater,” he said.

He stated that, of the total enrollment, 20% corresponds to students from different provinces of the country, a reality that is increasing more and more, which is why he advocates the construction of student residences with the help of the private and state sectors.

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He added that Intec does not attribute the talent of the student body but is committed to cultivating it so that when the time comes to graduate, they have more tools and knowledge.

Lunch of the Corripio Communications Group. INTEC. Julio Sánchez Mariñez, rector of Intec, together with the directors of that university, Arturo del Villar, Armando Barrios, Dalul Ordehi González and Carmen Matos, participate in the Luncheon of the Corripio Communications Group.

“At Intec we are always committed to academic excellence and cultivating it, and obviously talent is found in the country, so we are not the ones who originate talent but we cultivate it… that is our contribution,” he emphasized.

credit programs

In this sense and in support of the academic preparation of students with limited resources, Sánchez Mariñez said that, in addition to the credit agreements with Fundapec and Banco Ademi, the institution has two credit programs available in which Intec assumes the grace period , that is, “the student pays neither interest nor principal until six months after graduation.”

These programs are with Banco BHD León, where nearly 300 students already have educational credit, which represents 5% of the student body, whose total number is 6,000. While with Fondesa some 80 students have already obtained their credit.

“Intec, being a university with few resources, absorbs for almost four years or four and a half years, the time the student finishes the degree, absorbs the interest, that is the financial cost that we assume and the student pays,” he added.

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