Intact blockade of US policy towards Cuba

Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor to the President of the United States, Joe Biden, considered today that the “circumstances changed” in the policy towards Cuba, although he ignored that the main obstacle: the blockade, remains intact.

In trying to justify Biden’s failure to comply with his electoral promise to distance himself from his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, regarding Cuba, Sullivan said that the president’s decisions “are not guided by electoral policies.”

According to the National Security Advisor on the island, “things changed a bit this year”, after the riots of July 11, which the Cuban government denounced as a plan hatched from the United States to destabilize the Caribbean country.

In that sense, Sullivan said that at this time the White House is reconsidering “its options.”

The deputy director general for the United States of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Johana Tablada, wrote on the social network Twitter that the same canned and dishonest message of “circumstances” was repeated this Sunday by Juan González, Biden’s main adviser on Latin American issues.

“As if they had done something different before 11 J that was not to give in to the extortion of the anti-Cuban lobby, lie and take advantage of the 243 inhumane measures of #Trump,” said the diplomat on the Internet platform.

Various organizations and personalities in solidarity with the largest of the Antilles, both inside and outside the United States, demand the lifting of the blockade imposed by successive White House governments for almost 60 years in their attempt to suffocate the Cuban people.

In their requests, initiatives such as Puentes de Amor, call on Biden to fulfill what he promised in his electoral campaign and remind him that with the commitment to change he won votes.

However, almost 10 months after his inauguration, the Democrat maintains the 243 measures adopted by Trump that reinforce that unilateral siege and even follows the same line in relation to Cuba, according to analysts.

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