Install National Network of Parliamentarians

Install National Network of Parliamentarians

With the incorporation of more than 200 women parliamentarians, legislators and councilors from 10 parties of the Great Patriotic Pole and 6 opposition parties, the National Network of Parliamentarians was installed this Friday, with a view to offering its contribution to the expanded national dialogue.

The event was held in the protocol room of the Federal Legislative Palace, from there the deputy of the National Assembly (AN), Asia Villegas, reported that the network has two objectives: “to territorialize the dialogue and a plan for the promotion and dissemination of laws sanctioned with a gender perspective, principles of equality and, above all, that it be a space where legislative initiatives emerge.”

He explained that the network is also made up of “social movements such as Afro-descendant parliamentarians and indigenous parliamentarians.”

The installation day was attended, via telematics, by representatives of the capital and 19 states of the country, through 78 connection points, some of these as regional points due to connectivity limitations, explained Deputy Villegas to the while he stated that this effort is conceived for peace, unity, reunion and will be systematized.

In this regard, the second vice president of the AN, Vanesa Montero, maintained that the legislative palace “continues to be a space for dialogue, peace and the construction of the Venezuela that we all want” and added that the new platform must also serve as a training space.

For her part, the deputy for the Permanent Commission of Indigenous Peoples, Noeli Pocaterra, in love of spirituality, invoked the “indigenous warriors, the first mothers of the continent (…) to give us the necessary wisdom and especially to the drivers of this process”. And she highlighted the diversity: “how nice that the sisters are here, the women of the opposition too, because we have to seek peace, restore and build this peace that has been altered by thousands of factors.”

The Minister for Women’s Affairs, Diva Guzmán, attended with regard to her parliamentary roots and as part of the “strengthening of feminist power that advances in the fight for legal bases.” She also to take the first step towards the Women’s Congress, estimated to be held at the end of this month; e she invited the deputies and female representatives of the opposition parties to participate, who gave the go-ahead to join the event.

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