‘Innovation Academy’: Check out these two free courses for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs

announced the launch of its ‘Innovation Academy’ for small and medium business entrepreneurs in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela and Uruguay. The ‘Academy of Innovation’ offers a library of open and free courses that provide knowledge, tools and experiences to manage, promote and expand businesses, as well as the possibility of registering for free during this year to the courses that will be taught live from “Service and sales channels” and “Payments and logistics”.

“At Movistar Empresas we are committed to contributing to the economic reactivation and digital transformation of businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses. In this new digital world, training in digital skills and knowledge is essential. SMEs also consider it this way, since 46% of them indicated that this training was a priority, as could be verified with the Digital Adoption survey carried out in 2021 among client companies. That is why we offer this e-learning platform, since we want to democratize knowledge”, said Annie Fernández Palomino, Marketing Manager for SMEs Movistar Empresas Hispam of Telefónica.


Each of the courses is made up of three classes, during which consultations with live experts can be held. Once the curriculum is completed, the registered entrepreneurs will be able to obtain a certificate of attendance to validate their knowledge.


This initiative is supported and guided by Wayra Hispam, the innovation arm and corporate investment fund of Telefónica Movistar. Wayra has an 11-year history supporting technology startups to boost their businesses, and has a presence in 9 countries in Europe (Germany, Spain and England) and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru). Wayra supports startups to grow on a global scale and connects them with the business units of Telefónica Movistar and its clients and allies to generate joint opportunities. In this sense, the courses will be taught by leaders and specialists from benchmark startups in their industries, which are part of Wayra’s portfolio in Latin America.

“At Wayra Hispam we are convinced that these types of initiatives are essential to promote growth in SMEs in the region. Bringing relevant knowledge closer and making it available will speed up the transformation of companies and ventures hand in hand with experts, such as our technology startups. In this opportunity, the business ecosystem will be able to have tools and tips to digitize their businesses in a 360 through , , , , Y ”, stated Agustin Rotondo, Regional Manager of Wayra Hispam.


Among the courses of the ‘Innovation Academy’ of Movistar Companies that will be dictated for free and live this 2022 include:

· Course to understand the business and find the best service and sales model according to the needs, detecting opportunities to boost demand and the main problems that require attention.

· To understand and apply payment and collection trends that require the use of electronic applications, in order to maintain and even increase business sales, as well as logistics and distribution to achieve a strategic and cost-efficient value chain.

Thus, Movistar Empresas reinforces its commitment to Hispanic American companies and their digital transformation.


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