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Inhabitants of Verón and Punta Cana request the intervention of authorities to mitigate the presence of sargassum in the region

Inhabitants of Verón and Punta Cana ask for intervention to combat sargassum

PUNTA CANA – Inhabitants of the tourist communities of Verón and Punta Cana, asked the authorities to intervene to deal with the problem of the sargassum invasion that is already beginning to appear in that area.

Carlos Germán Mercedes and Emmanuel Rodríguez, from the Punta Cana Fishermen’s Association, and the Association of Artisans and Marine Services (ARSEMAR), affirm that sargassum has a negative impact on the region’s economy.

This, given the problem that it generates for tourism, fishing, the environment and human health.

They recognize that sargassum means a problem for tourism, health and the environment, but that it is also an opportunity to generate mobile jobs.

They point out that the company SOS Carbon can be contracted to collect the sargassum in the sea before it invades the coasts and beaches.

“and it is the only one that has proven to solve the problem, and at the same time adds value by generating jobs for local fishermen themselves,” said Mercedes and Rodríguez.

Fishermen who have been trained and trained for sanitation work, call on the authorities and tourist groups to join the sargassum elimination work in the area.

Carlos Germán Mercedes and Emmanuel Rodríguez, specify that the training and commitment to support and integrate the community has gone hand in hand with the Fundación Grupo Punta Cana and SOS Carbón.

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