Ingrid Betancourt withdraws from the Esperanza Center Coliation

Ingrid Betancourt withdraws from the Esperanza Center Coliation

Presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt made official his withdrawal from the Centro Esperanza Coalition in the afternoon of this Saturday, January 29.

In turn, he announced will be an independent candidate for Verde Oxígenoyour match.

We received a response from the Esperanza Center Coalition that points out the entry of support from the machinery as an error that is regretted. However, it does not announce action regarding the support already received from the machinery by Alejandro Gaviria“, He said.

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The former senator had given an ultimatum to his coalition partners for a series of questions about former Minister Alejandro Gaviria.

I decided to give the Hope Center Coalition until tomorrow until 12:00 noon to decide if we remain firm against the corruption that the machinery brings. I will always be firm to my principles to free Colombia from corruption“, the presidential candidate pointed out through his Twitter account.

When announcing her resignation from the Coalition, the former kidnapped by the Farc said that sheor there was a clear position in said alliance. And she, as a candidate, seeks a “fair and clean policy that does not steal opportunities from the 51 million Colombians who are kidnapped by corruption,” she assured.

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for Betancourt there can be no gray areas and that is why he takes a step aside from the alliance of which Carlos Amaya, Sergio Fajardo, Juan Manuel Galán, Juan Fernando Cristo, Alejandro Gaviria and Jorge Enrique Robledo are part.

A few hours ago, former minister Alejandro Gaviria had responded to the candidate. “I believe in politics that unites, brings together, talks with the different, seeks solutions and builds collectively in the midst of the crisis. I don’t believe in a political center that hides, isolates itself and turns its back on the country. No more ultimatum“, he pointed.

For his part, the candidate clarified that he will not renounce the support received and that his candidacy continues.

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