Ingrid Betancourt announces her retirement from the Centro Esperanza Coalition

Ingrid Betancourt announces her retirement from the Centro Esperanza Coalition

After a heated debate with fellow presidential candidate Alejandro Gaviria, this Friday, January 28, Ingrid Betancourt announced that she was extending her ultimatum to Hope Coalition Center until this Saturday to make a decision on political support for the candidates.

In that order, in the most recent communication of Betancourt, his decision on withdrawing from the coalition was made known, arguing his position in the party’s response on the support that Gaviria has received.

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“We received a response from the Hope Center Coalition. The entry of the support of the machinery is pointed out as a regrettable error. However, it does not announce action regarding the support already received from the machinery to Alexander Gaviria. This lack of a clear position forces us to assume the leadership of a battle that we have to give and win in Colombia for a clean policy,” Betancourt said in this regard.

In turn, the presidential candidate announced that she will continue with her candidacy independently with the Oxygen Green party.

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“We are forced to step aside from the Hope Center Coalition. I will be an independent candidate for the presidency for the Oxygen Green party, a party that does not make concessions in the fight against the machinery because there can be no gray areas here,” concluded Ingrid Betancourt.

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