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Infrastructure agreement to streamline processes, says AMLO

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Opponents celebrate the ruling of the SCJN on tax crimes

Fabiola Martínez and Roberto Garduño

La Jornada newspaper
Wednesday, November 24, 2021, p. 5

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the document published on Monday in the Official Journal of the Federation, related to government works, aims to streamline processes within the federal administration and avoid bureaucracies. Likewise, avoid the protections of interest groups that seek to make the works fail, for which he asked them to act with decency.

Can you imagine if Claudio X. González, father and son, because they act in a coordinated and joint manner, together with the former minister Cossío, it occurs to them that a protection must be filed to stop the work because the airport is too far? Because that is the other thing they bring, which is very far or is going to make a lot of noise, and they present us with a protection. Ah, but the protection falls in a court of those where if we string it, we lose and, if we do not string it, too, and then we no longer finish (the work)he told the press.

He argued that the criticisms come from that opposition to which everything bothers them: that because I arrived in Washington and sat with my legs open, I did not cross my legs, that I needed some classes on body management. They forget that I come from Tepetitán … and I am very proud to be from my town, and of that type of cultural expressions, of the people, is what the fifís, he expressed.

In a special way, he stressed that the agreement – not a decree, he specified – will help to complete the works on time. At that point he referred to the remarkably majority acceptance of the population to works such as the Mayan Train, or the equally millionaire savings that the treasury will have when manufacturing its own dredges to avoid floods, as the Secretary of the Navy, Rafael Ojeda, explained before.

The president ratified his government’s respect for the principles of environmental protection, justice and honesty, and accountability.

Although later he said that he already gives up weakness mention the arguments of his opponents, according to which the aforementioned agreement is an authoritarian instrument and against transparency.

What at the beginning was a slow response, turned into a frontal criticism of those who he describes as conservative opposition, an accomplice of corruption; He reproached them for their daily criticism and their silence from the past, from the government of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, when they did not say anything about the delivery of the people’s property and works without bidding.

Like this man who was in jail, Yáñez, (the one from) Oceanography. With Fox and Calderón they awarded him contracts of around 2 or 3 billion dollars by direct award, he mentioned.

He expressed that if there is talk of a lack of transparency, this occurred in the last administration, when the Federal Electricity Commission was almost bankrupt, and an energy reform was approved in favor of a minority that did what they wanted with government.

For this reason, he urged them to act with decency, and recognize at least in front of their children and grandchildren, that based on the signing of abusive contracts they continue to pay less electricity in a high-flying business than a neighborhood grocer.

He said that they recently told him that the chairman of the JP Morgan board came to the country, who in the face of the complaint of Mexican businessmen for alleged effects of the electricity reform “told them: ‘hey, and how have you been?’ They say that he came a silence and then: ‘no, we have done well’. Then, the man told them: ‘we have another vision of Mexico, we are seeing from the outside that there is no corruption, that there is economic and financial stability, that there is no indebtedness, that Mexico’s reserves have grown like never before.’ And now, he shut them up ”.

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