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INE responds to countless complaints of non-payment to census takers

The National Institute of Statistics (INE) reported that they continue to accredit the census takers who worked on November 9 in the framework of the National Census. However, at the same time, complaints about non-payment continue in various parts of the country.

The INE pointed out that To date, 185,792 accreditations have been made, via Bancard, to those who participated in the 2022 National Census as supervisors and census takers.

“These payments continue to be made, after verification, to those who also participated in the recovery and registration stage in rural areas of the country, as well as to those who had problems with their documentation (wrong ID and cell phone numbers),” says the statement of the institution.

The statement adds that Through the intermediary Bancard, follow-up is being done on those who have not yet been able to collect, Knowing also cases of people who have the deposit in their wallet and still could not withdraw their payment.

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The INE maintained that Those people who have difficulties or delays can contact the free line 178, through social networks or to the free line of Bancard 021 249 3700.

“It is made clear that the INE does not block those who make their claims on their networks, but it does have an automatic tool that does not allow offensive messages to be seen.

More than anyone, the INE has the best predisposition to make everything that corresponds to those who were vital collaborators effective, for the successful figure reached of 97.5% census coverage, at the country level ”, refers to the pronouncement.

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