Industry and commerce continued with positive dynamics in April

Industry and commerce continued with positive dynamics in April

The National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane) andDelivered the results for the month of April of industry and commerce, which showed a favorable dynamic and continued with positive variations in the fourth month of the year.

(Industry and commerce, with double-digit increases to March).

In April 2022 vs. April 2021, the real production of the manufacturing industry presented a variation of 13.5%, the real sales saw an increase of 14.6% and the employed personnel of 4.3%.

Of the 39 industrial activities represented by the survey, a total of 33 registered positive variations in their real production, adding 13.9 percentage points to the total annual variation, and 6 subsectors with negative variations subtracted 0.4 percentage points from the variation as a whole. total.

The director of the Dane, Juan Daniel Oviedo, highlighted that “If we compare the actual production of April 2022 with that generated in April 2019, we are seeing a ‘three-year’ growth of 19.5%”. Oviedo stressed that, if this figure is viewed as an average annual growth, it would show a figure of 6.12%.

On the trade side, Dane announced that in April 2022, real retail sales increased 23.3% and employed personnel grew 2.8% compared to the same month in 2021. And excluding the trade in fuels, the variation in real sales in the sector was 22.8%.

(Industrial production and trade sales closed higher in 2021).

Likewise, if the results of April 2022 are compared with those of April 2019, there is evidence of a 23.4% increase in retail sales and a 1.3% drop in relation to employed personnel.

The greatest positive contributions to the annual variation occurred in the lines of fuels for motor vehicles; other motor vehicles and motorcycles; and Garments and textiles, contributing altogether 11.2 percentage points to the total variation of retail trade.


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