Industrial activity rose 11.9% in May and construction 19.9%

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Industrial activity registered in May an improvement of 11.9% compared to the same month last year, while construction marked an advance of 19.9% ​​in the same period, reported the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec).

Compared to the previous month, manufacturing activity fell 1.1% in May, while construction increased 0.4% in the month-on-month comparison.

In the first five months of the year, industrial activity accumulated an increase of 5.7% and construction showed an improvement of 6.3%, the official agency specified.

During May, fifteen of the sixteen divisions of the manufacturing industry presented year-on-year increases.

In order of their incidence in the general level, increases were registered in “Food and beverages”, 8.8%; “Clothes, leather and footwear”, 51.1%; “Non-metallic mineral products”, 20.2%; “Motor vehicles, bodies, trailers and auto parts”, 23.3%; “Wood, paper, publishing and printing”, 11.5%; “Machinery and equipment”, 15.8%; “Other equipment, devices and instruments”, 24.1%; “Chemical substances and products”, 4.2%; “Rubber and plastic products”, 11.6%; “Oil refining, coke and nuclear fuel”, 12.2%.

Meanwhile, activity in “Basic metal industries” rose 5.7%; “Furniture and mattresses, and other manufacturing industries”, 9.1%; “Metal products”, 6.5%; “Other transportation equipment ”, 63.6%, and “Textile products”, 2.4%.

The only item that marked a decline was “Tobacco products”, with a drop of 17.4%.

The Indec also carried out its usual qualitative survey on expectations in the industrial sector, in which 35.2% of the companies consulted projected that internal demand will continue to grow until August inclusive, against 18.2% who foresee a decline.

Regarding exports, 25.1% of businessmen estimated that foreign sales will increase, against 16.6% who project a decline and the remaining 58.3% who maintained that there will be no important changes.

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Regarding the data of the apparent consumption of supplies for construction, in May they showed in relation to the same month of the previous year, rises of 54% in manufactured concrete; 28.8% in plaster; 26.6% in round iron and steel for construction; 24.5% in portland cement; 22.6% in plasterboard; 20.2% in the rest of the supplies (includes taps, seamless steel tubes and glass for construction); 19.2% in asphalt; 18.0% in granitic and calcareous mosaics; 15.8% in limes; 15.3% in paints for construction; 10.5% in ceramic sanitary ware; 8.8% in hollow bricks; and 0.3% in ceramic floors and coverings.

When analyzing the accumulated of the first five months of 2022, in relation to the same period of the previous year, increases of 29.0% were observed in the category of other inputs (includes taps, seamless steel tubes and glass for construction) ; 20% on asphalt; 14.1% in manufactured concrete; 11.7% in round iron and steel for construction; 10.8% in portland cement; 10.1% in plaster; 9.7% in granitic and calcareous mosaics; 7.0% in plasterboard; 6.6% in limes; and 5.2% in ceramic sanitary ware.

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On the other hand, decreases of 5.4% were observed in hollow bricks; 2.3% in ceramic floors and coverings; and 2.2% in paints for construction.

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