Indrhi deja iniciados trabajos en sistemas de riego Padre Las Casas II y Altos de Las Yayas

Indrhi starts work on irrigation systems Padre Las Casas II and Altos de Las Yayas

FATHER LAS CASAS, Azua-With the presence of the president Louis Abinaderaccompanied by the executive director of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (Indrhi), Olmedo Caba Romano, and other government officials, the rehabilitation and construction works of two irrigation systems in this municipality and in Las Yayas de Viajama were officially started, which will entail a joint investment of RD$99.7 million.

Caba Romano pointed out the permanent presence of the government in Azua through the works developed by INDRHI, which enhance the agricultural productive apparatus.“In the province of Azua in all its municipalities, INDRHI has a permanent presence and we will be with you hand in hand, guaranteeing that in this province we are changing to contribute to food security”, manifested.

The official reported that the work started in both communities will directly benefit 409 irrigation users who produce food in more than 36 thousand tasks. He explained that in Padre Las Casas they rehabilitate the canal Father Las Casas II in a length of 13 kilometers in discontinuous sections and 10 kilometers of berms, in the repair of 41 gates, four flumes and four falls, and in the construction of three vehicular crossings, eight water crossings and a sewer. They will have an investment of RD$33,375,242.06.

Regarding the works in Las Yayas de Viajama, he indicated that they are building the Altos de Las Yayas irrigation system, which entails the construction of an intake work on the El Pino stream to convey water through 8 kilometers of pipe to a lagoon in construction of 50 x 80 meters and 5 meters high.

He indicated that they will also rehabilitate an existing lagoon to feed back the channel The Yayas of Viajama, to the that will adapt four kilometers in discontinuous sections. The works in that demarcation will have an investment of RD$66,292,140.99.

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The executive director of the Indrhi announced other works that will be starting soon in the Azua province, among them the rehabilitation of the Las Yayas de Viajama irrigation system, the adaptation of the La Cueva river in a 1.7-kilometer section and the protection of its left bank in a length of 760 meters, downstream of the bridge that connects Padre Las Casas with Bohechío, to benefit families from the Padre Las Casas municipality, as well as the construction of a one-kilometer gabion wall on the right bank of the same river to protect residents of the Guayabal municipality.

The activity was attended by the Minister of Agriculture; Limber Cruz; the director of the Price Stabilization Institute (Inespre), Iván Hernández Guzmán; the director of the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD), Francisco G. García; the executive director of the National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewage (INAPA), Wellington Arnaud; the governor of Azua, Ángela Pérez; Senator Lía Díaz.

Also, the administrator of the Agricultural Bank, Fernando Durán; the director of the Executing Technical Unit of Agroforestry Development Projects (UTEPDA), EliferboHerasme; the Administrative and Financial Deputy Minister of the Administrative Ministry of the Presidency, Igor Rodríguez; deputies Carlos Ramírez and Brenda Ogando, as well as municipal, community and irrigation board representatives.

Agricultural producers consulted expressed that with the rehabilitation of the Padre Las Casas II canal and the construction of the Altos de Las Yayas irrigation system, an unprecedented economic dynamism will be registered, therefore, their living conditions as well as those of their family will change.

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