Father's Day: Four stories of entrepreneurial fathers that will inspire you

Father’s Day: Four stories of entrepreneurial fathers that will inspire you

Be and entrepreneur at the same time turns out to be quite a challenge, because the perfect balance must be achieved between family life and the demands of a . However, despite the responsibility that this decision requires, 26% of mypes in the they are led by enterprising parents, according to Caja Piura.

Faced with this context and within the framework of Father’s Day, one of the most special dates for Peruvian families and an ideal moment to reflect on the impact that fatherhood has on the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center of the University of the Pacific shares four stories of entrepreneurial parents who decided to take on the task of combining their role within the home and the business world:

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Your Salary Now!

Gabriel Morales Muñoz, father of two daughters and general manager of , identified together with its partners, to create a platform that helps people to cover those needs that arise daily when the end of the month is not reached. This is how TuSueldoYa! was born, a business that allows dependent workers to access their salary on a daily basis according to the days worked.

“Following a model”salary on demand”, we seek to strengthen the personal well-being of workers, as well as promote financial inclusion using technology as the main enabler”, Morales said. Currently, 16 companies have their service and have made 44,000 advances for more than S/4 million soles.

Gabriel Morales Muñoz, general manager of TuSaldoYa!

link miners

In order to create a space where mining companies can seek solutions in real time and in a verified manner, Emilio Gómez de la Torre, entrepreneurial father, CEO and co-founder of created this digital platform to provide information to mining officials on global solutions for the sector and improve their processes and operations.

“We identified that the mining companies were looking for solutions that allow them to efficiently speed up their processes and that the sector’s suppliers could not find a way to offer their services. After 4 years of work, we have more than 250 mining officials from Peru, Chile, Mexico and Ecuador and more than 2000 suppliers from 30 countries around the world. With this, we project ourselves to be the first global solution seeker for mining with artificial intelligence and enter more than 10 countries between Australia and America by the end of 2023”, commented Gómez de la Torre.

Emilio Gómez de la Torre, CEO and co-founder of Linkminers
Emilio Gómez de la Torre, CEO and co-founder of Linkminers

Smile and Go (SnGo)

Paul Zanabria, father of Daniela and Fernanda, and founder of , identified that a large number of dentists do not have a dental office, so they cannot practice their profession. In this way, they create SnGo, an app that merges the supply and demand of dental offices, since the owner of an office will be able to rent his work space in free hours and the dentist who does not work with one, will practice his profession by being able to rent by the hour a space through SnGo.

“We are known for being the only ones to provide this service and for having created a supply and demand market in the dental sector. With this, we seek to enter a mass consumption ecosystem to help patients by referring them to our doctors and in the medium term bring the SnGo app and services to other countries”, Zanabria said.


With the purpose of helping people to fight against the problem of obesity in Peru and Latin America, Paulo Chirinos-Pacheco, father entrepreneur and founder & CEO of created this Foodtech that designs, produces, sells healthy eating plans and juices “cold pressed” to promote healthy eating among consumers.

“We focus on providing the client with a meal plan according to their needs. In addition, we use the best quality supplies, processes and technology as batch cooking and cold pressed” for our products and we also offer free nutritional advice as part of this support and business value proposition,” Chirinos-Pacheco said. Within her projections is to take her product to Mexico, since it is a market of almost 130 million people, with high levels of consumption.


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