Alejandro Hernández Cepero

Independent journalist Alejandro Hernández Cepero is violently attacked

Havana Cuba. – The pastor and independent journalist Alejandro Hernández Cepero, collaborator of CubaNetwas the victim of a new physical attack at the hands of a stranger who, in front of his children, caused him minor injuries, as well as the tearing of the shirt he was wearing, said the communicator himself.

According to Hernández Cepero, the altercation occurred last Saturday in the central Calzada de Belascoaín, when he was trying to board a public transport with his two minor children, at the La Lechera stop. As on previous occasions, the journalist reports not knowing the identity of the attacker or the motive for the attack, which he links to an increase in political harassment against him.

“[El atacante] She supposedly wanted me to get away from my daughter, but she herself explained to her that I was her father and that I was protecting her. Then, out of nowhere, she started assaulting me. This time I defended myself, but received several blows. She said that was what I was wearing, that’s why I’m sure he was sent and that my daughter’s was a pretext, ”considers the communicator and pastor.

As a journalist and human rights activist, Hernández Cepero has suffered numerous repressive acts perpetrated by State Security and the National Revolutionary Police (PNR). These include death threats, citations, arbitrary arrests, kidnappings, beatings, retention of means of employment and other private belongings.

“It is logical, a government like this will always try to silence all the voices that protest against such a cruel and absurd system,” said Hernández Cepero. The interviewee also expands that in previous days he had received several threats against his physical integrity on social networks.

“I have made several complaints to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police, but nothing is ever resolved. They even ignore me, ”she says.

Last March, unknown persons tried to force the door of his home. In the building where the communicator resides, in the Cerro municipality, several neighbors have also publicly confronted him and on more than one occasion they have tried to hit him due to his disaffected position in the political system, according to him.

From the peaceful protests of July 11 and 12, 2021the Cuban regime has increased surveillance and repression of independent journalists, activists, and other members of civil society.

“I must say: I am afraid. I think above all of my children, because I am a mother and a father. What would become of them if something happened to me? And every time I feel closer to that moment when, without knowing where it comes from, a blow can end me”, lamented Hernández Cepero.

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