Create the INEC and eliminate "pluris", the keys to AMLO's electoral reform

Create the INEC and eliminate “pluris”, the keys to AMLO’s electoral reform

Elimination of plurinominals: The proposal also includes the elimination of 200 federal deputies and 32 senators who obtain a seat through proportional representation, known as plurinominals.

“The election by lists would force the candidates to campaign territorially, contrary to what happens with the current five lists of the plurinominal constituencies. When voting in each entity, the lists would be made up of people born in the federal entity or by residents with a minimum residence of one year,” he explains in the initiative.

Change in the model for electing legislators: Changes are also proposed for the way federal legislators are elected.

Currently, one deputation is elected for every 252,000 inhabitants, but the proposal is that one representative be elected for every 420,000 inhabitants, while in the case of senators, one senator would be elected for every 984,375 inhabitants to every 1,312,500 inhabitants.

AMLO asks the opposition to rethink its rejection of the presidential initiatives

Electronic voting: The proposal proposes taking advantage of information and communication technologies to facilitate citizen participation in electoral processes.

It recognizes that Mexico has “just enough legal support to receive votes digitally” and this has been demonstrated by entities such as Coahuila, Mexico City, the State of Mexico and Jalisco.

Reduction of members of local Congresses: At the state level, it is also proposed that a population criterion be established for the definition of the number of deputies of their local congresses.

“It may not exceed 15 deputies in those states whose population is less than 1 million people, and for every 500,000 additional inhabitants, it may increase by one deputy up to a maximum of 45 deputies,” reads the initiative. .



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