Inclusive corporate culture promotes female leadership

Inclusive corporate culture promotes female leadership

Looking for more spaces. For the (ILO), implementing a gender-equal and inclusive company culture can result in increased profitability and productivity by 63%, and increased ability to attract and retain talent by 60%.

Cecilia M. Flores, president of WomenCEO Peru, maintains that despite the great benefits that can result from having a gender diversity strategy, our country still does not exceed 12% of women in management positions in the main companies and 26% in management positions. “Greater competitiveness and business efficiency are required, therefore, it is essential that companies make room for female leadership”underlines.

In the context of the path to parity, the executive announced the launch of the 2nd. Edition of the Initiative 30% to 2030 to invite a new group of business organizations to have no less than 30% participation of women in Boards of Directors and Senior Management. This aspirational goal was launched in 2018.

“The ‘30% by 2030 on the way to parity’ has in the Peru Directors Platform () the means to find board members with skills, managerial profiles and who value gender diversity”, add.

WomenCEO Peru developed a Guide for Business Leaders in which it points out eight steps that must be kept in mind so that diversity management is a distinctive sign of the organization that implements it.

  • Put the person at the center of attention to lead the change

Regardless of the size of the company, the leader who promotes a cultural change towards diversity management will be able to promote the commitment of the Board of Directors, its management team and heads towards the entire team of collaborators, including suppliers.

  • Create an instance of Diversity Management

Or a committee that has the commitment of the general management. The leader of this committee must be gender-aware, and must have the support of senior management, resources, and an effective means of monitoring, measuring, and reporting.

  • Have a culture and purpose that effectively manages this goal

For this, it is necessary to have a diagnosis of the situation, since gender diversity must be incorporated as a management model and as a strategic priority in the people management pillar with an emphasis on gender equality.

  • Comply conscientiously with respect for rights

Ensure that the organization and its supply chain first comply with the law, that is, with the regulations that recognize the right to equality and non-discrimination, as well as the prohibition of violence, harassment and harassment against women.

  • Develop an equality policy beyond paper

Based on the results of the situational diagnosis, the approval of a policy should be promoted, by the highest management level, containing the strategy and measurable actions that range from the cultural to the promotion of family co-responsibility. This policy must have a transversal approach.

  • Create a strategy that breaks down barriers

This must provide elements and the structure for the commitments, actions and monitoring that are defined.

  • Promote the leadership of women in the company

Identify high-potential collaborators in order to recognize the factors that may be holding back their progress, to create promotion mechanisms, as well as to promote their participation in programs to strengthen management skills with gender awareness, among other actions.

  • Have allies for change

Maintaining alliances with organizations dedicated to promoting leadership is extremely important to achieve the goal of being a company with gender diversity.


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