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Cecilio Dominguez: trouble with models, couples, and now the “crazy party” for which he is accused

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Hoy Paraguay

Itaú Foundation presents the first collection of short stories of the Digital Story Anthology, whose 12th installment opens the call.

This is a compilation of the winning works of the literary contest, in which the ingenuity of the Itaú Digital Story Prize participants is reflected, in terms of topics covered and the application of multimedia resources in several of the works.

The story “El Diario de Sanardini” by the author Karen Colmán, which took third place in the general category, represents one of the most relevant examples of this Anthology, as well as “Las grannies desteel” by Milagros Balbuena and Taita Tatá of Iván Alejandro Silvero Salgueiro.

“I let my imagination flow, everything that comes is well received, at any time and place, imagination can sprout anywhere,” says the young writer Milagros Balbuena, who was Anthologized for the second consecutive year in the Digital Story.

The artist shares a message with colleagues who share the same passion for writing: “Don’t be afraid to launch yourself into the unknown, to let your emotions and feelings flow, to open your mind and your heart to give space to your imagination. Above all, never stop being yourself.

While Iván Alejandro Silvero Salgueiro, whose work is also included in the anthology, recommends to applicants “writing is inspiration, but it is also a lot of skill, a lot of softening the hand and letting the words flow. And not believe that what he does is the most he can give, maintain self-criticism until he exhausts everything inside him to make a story. Grow up”.

Registration for the 2022 edition of Cuento Digital started on April 4. The details of the contest and the bases and conditions are available at www.premioitau.org.

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