Rector INCE: “Un indigente no significa un enajenado”

INCE Rector: “A destitute does not mean an alienated person”

The rector of INCE University, Rafael Teijeiro, He questioned whether the person who threw the stone at the young surveyor Joel Cabrera, on February 27, was a mentally insane person, as the National Police has ventilated.

“A destitute does not mean an alienated person. A mentally insane person does have another type of treatment at the Penal Code level, but a homeless person is a person who has no resources, but is in full control of his faculties ”, explained Teijeiro.

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In conversation with the journalist Olga Vergés, from the newspaper Hoy, the professor regretted the fact and assured that the person who threw the stone at the vehicle that Cabrera was driving did it “with premeditation and stalking.”

In this sense, Teijeiro asked that the differences between a person in indigent condition and one who suffers from mental problems be established to know how the case will be addressed in legal terms.

Police version

The spokesman for the National Police gave guarantees this Monday that the person responsible for throwing a stone from the top of the overpass of Avenida 27 de Febrero, corner of Máximo Gómez, which hit the front window of the vehicle he was driving, will be arrested and brought to justice Joel Rafael Cabrera Espino causing death by a blunt blow.

Diego Pesqueira indicated that in the case of being a alienated mintl, the institution of order will fulfill its role of arresting him, but it will be the professionals in human conduct, the ones responsible for saying if he will be sent to prison.

“The National Police fulfills its role of arresting and making available to justice via the Public Ministry, and the professionals in human conduct will be responsible for making these determinations,” explained the police spokesman.

He added that due to the fact more than ten people are being investigatedand that uniformed agents are conducting the surveys of the video surveillance cameras of the businesses close to where it was registered.

INCE Rector: "A destitute does not mean an alienated person"
one of the arrested
More details of the fact

According to the preliminary investigative report, the individual who has not been identified by the authorities, threw the stone that hit the 28-year-old man, who was traveling aboard the Kia vehicle, black, license plate A860749, and then he left walking along 27 de Febrero avenue towards Tiradentes.

It indicates that after receiving the impact of the stone, which pierced the front window of said vehicle, the driver (today deceased) stopped some 100 meters later in front of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

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