Inauguration of the new headquarters of the International French School of Panama

The inaugural plaque of the International French School of Panama was unveiled by the Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos in the company of Olivier Brochet, director of the Agency for French Education Abroad, and Arnaud de Sury, French ambassador in Panama.

Gorday de Villalobos participated in a bilateral meeting in which three immediate actions of international cooperation emerged, among them: generating a support process for future international baccalaureates, within the system network; to be able to strengthen the teaching of the French language as a third language, which we are already doing with English; and, lastly, to organize internships with knowledge through young teachers, establish a link with universities and strengthen the Alliance Française.

The minister affirmed that this building represents a modern infrastructure, with conditions of accessibility, security, biosecurity, led ecology and also implies environmental care. This represents the contribution of French culture in the development of this network of schools at an international level, and above all, the development that occurs from the private sector to the economy, education and the social, through the students who leave of these educational centers.

Alejandra Hofer, president of the Board of Directors of the school, stated that this is a school with capacity for 900 students from preschool to twelfth grade, it has a trilingual educational offer, in which French is the main language, in addition, Spanish and English.

He added that they have the American international section, in which young people can graduate with a baccalaureate in French and an American option, that is, with an excellent level of English and also Spanish.

The ribbon cutting was carried out by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Erika Mouynes; in the company of Mr. Brochet; Ambassador Sury; Senators Samantha Cazebonne and Olivier Cadic; Mrs. Hofer; and Jean-Patrick Canadas, general director of the college.

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